We've all been there: It's late, the bars are closing, and you really want to party through it but your techno-utopian drug dealer only accepts bitcoin. What's a guy/gal to do? Before, you were most likely SOL — forced to buy drugs with paper money as dirty as the mean streets of San Francisco themselves. Well, not anymore. As of today, there is now a bitcoin ATM located on Mission near 17th Street, and, best of all, it's open until 2 a.m.

Let the good cryptocurrency decisions begin.

The ATM is located inside Mission Groceries, and is brought to us courtesy of Coinsource — a company working to build a network of bitcoin ATM's across the country.

"[We're] delighted to install a low fee bitcoin ATM in the heart of the Mission, easily available to both neighborhood locals and visitors alike," explained Coinsource Managing Partner Sheffield Clark in a press release today. "We are committed to providing the highest level support to our customers and guarantee always-low fees. All our machines adhere to cutting-edge security standards and provide simple, convenient, instantaneous transfers compatible with any bitcoin mobile wallet.”

Consource's media person, David Wachsman told SFist that there are currently two other bitcoin ATM's in SF, also in the Mission, but "they're both in the same location, which is closed quite often." And anyway, neither of them are accessible until 2 a.m.

Bitcoin, of course, was the preferred currency of San Francisco resident and worldwide drug kingpin the Dread Pirate Robert, a.k.a. convicted felon Ross Ulbricht. Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison last year for running the online drug market the Silk Road out of a SF sublet.

One bitcoin is currently worth just under $420, which is definitely not a sign from the crypto gods that you should order something fresh via the dark web. Probably.

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