As predicted, today is a warm one. Just how warm? According to San Francisco microclimate weather app Mr. Chilly, it is 86 degrees in Noe Valley right now. Eighty-six degrees. This is a temperature that would feel hot even without the weeks of gloom and rain in our collective rear view mirror. As it is, 86 degrees feels practically tropical.

This is the kind of crazy March heat that makes one start to think bold and daring thoughts, like staging a Dolores Park slip-n-slide, or trying every single one of San Francisco's top ten ice cream spots. It is certainly well above this month's average temperature of 62 degrees.

So throw off the shackles of your 9 to 5, buy a six pack, and head right on down to the park. We'll see you there.

California Dreamin' 🌈🌴☀️

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