Think this weekend’s El Nino downpours are causing you problems? Consider the plight of the perilous Pacifica apartments at 320 Esplanade Avenue, which have been dangling over a cliff for more than six years. The rash of rains has the 20-unit complex closer to tumbling down the cliff and into the ocean every day, so the city of Pacifica is smartly demolishing the apartment building via a process that I could just sit and watch all day.

If you’re a fan of destruction porn, much of the Twitter video available is pretty darned good.

The destruction of the building started Saturday and continues today. (Sunday Morning Coming Down, indeed.) According to the Chron, the demolition is scheduled to be completed by Wednesday.

The apartment building has been evacuated for years, so no residents are in any danger of falling off the cliff and into the ocean. The coastline bluff area was once large enough that a playground and swimming pool sat on the ridge, but those facilities have disappeared as the complex deteriorated inch-by-inch. A KPIX report calls the area “one of the most erosion-prone stretches of the state’s coastline.”

The demolition is further complicated by the presence of asbestos, lead and other toxic materials, which Pacifica city officials are eager to keep out of the ocean. A KGO TV report (which also has more highly enjoyable demolition video!) notes that the building owner has declared bankruptcy, forcing Pacifica to fund the demolition themselves and simply hope for the best on the landlord being able to eventually reimburse the $200,000 cost of the project.

Even Zennie is getting in on the destruction video action! You can see his report above, though it contains no demolition porn. Fans of his droll, sometimes inexplicable videos might be more enthused with his Saturday submission Ariana Grande's Whitney Houston Impersonation On SNL Shocks World.

Should you want to gawk, looky-loo or watch the destruction in person, the demolition begins at 9 a.m. daily and is slated to continue through mid-week.