To quote from HBO's Silicon Valley, the technology industry has reached "Florence during the Renaissance," levels. "This is Camelot," a Google CEO type bloviated in the beginning of Season 2, "the cradle of innovation."

San Francisco and Silicon Valley have indeed revolutionized mankind. I myself ordered lunch from an app and am now a different, fuller person. In that spirit are several new promotional posters for the show's coming third season, which airs on April 24th, the trailer for which dropped last month.


The posters, Adweek observes, appeared at South by Southwest, Austin's convention for Bay Area thought leaders and tech titans, and purport to promote the show's main fictional startup company, Pied Piper.

Even that name — a leader, but like, for rats though — is a clever dig, and Pied Piper is supposed to be a file compression algorithm... so it isn't exactly saving human lives.

The ads, wonderfully vague, might as well be for viagra or herpes medication, and surely they'll be on Muni stops soon, seamlessly slotted in with promotions for other "actual" companies, you know, ones who are actually saving the world or whatever.

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HBO's Silicon Valley via Facebook