After Janice, the pig who rampaged through the Mission Tuesday was captured, she was taken back to San Francisco's Animal Care and Control shelter to await her fate. Would her guardian step forward? Would she end up at a pig rescue group, where we're sure she'd be running the joint Lucious Lyon-style by next week? Would she be adopted by one of the eager callers who barraged the ACC with requests to adopt her, sort of like those women who propose to imprisoned convicts?

We don't know where Janice will end up yet, as ACC spokesperson Deb Campbell says that she'll be cooling her heels at the ACC for five days to allow her guardian time to show up, if so inclined. But until then, Janice has narrowed her focus from menacing random Missionites to terrifying the staff of the ACC.

Take a look at Janice as of 8:01 p.m. Wednesday:

Even Lex Luthor had to hunker down in his bunker and rest, guys, Don't be fooled.

Oh, and while I'm acknowledging Twitter must-follow Officer Edith, "The ambassa-bird for the Officers of San Francisco Animal Care and Control" who will "bite you on the eye," "Hair of hyperbole" in our previous report? Well played.

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