Two Sheriff's Deputies accused of forcing inmates in a San Francisco Jail to fight for the deputies' entertainment entered pleas of "not guilty" yesterday. News of the Fight Club-esque battles broke last March, when Public Defender Jeff Adachi detailed incidents of deputies threatening to beat inmates who would not participate. According to the Examiner, Adachi called the deputies actions “like [something] out of Game of Thrones.”

Now-former deputy Scott Neu, reports KRON 4, "is charged with assault under the color of authority, issuing criminal threats, inflicting cruel and unusual punishment, and inhumanity against inmates in his care." Deputy Eugene Jones has been charged with "assault under the color of authority, inflicting cruel and unusual punishment and willfully failing to perform an official duty."

A third deputy, Clifford Chiba, today plead "not guilty" to misdemeanor charges related to the fights, the Examiner reports.

Criminal action by Neu is alleged to have begun back in 2014, reports the Examiner, when the deputy allegedly began forcing an inmate to do push-ups while simultaneously making other inmates gamble for food. KRON4 informs us that in March of 2015, Neu allegedly forced inmates to fight, threatening to beat, mace, or handcuff them if they refused. All this allegedly went down at the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant Street.

As we pointed out last year, this is not the first time Neu has been accused of abusing his position of authority. In 2006 he was accused of forcing inmates to perform sex acts on him — in those cases the city settled out of court.

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