A reporter never wants to become part of the story, and one news correspondent early Tuesday morning had a brutal close call reminding him of that very fact. The Bay Area's KTVU reporter was on live television this morning in the East Bay covering last night's train derailment when he had is own run in with an out-of-control vehicle. Video shows Alex Savidge talking into the camera as a car comes careening onto the sidewalk from behind and almost runs him over. Savidge barely manages to dive out of the way of the white sedan.

"Get out of the way," Savidge's cameraman, Chip Vaughan, can be heard screaming as the car jumps the curb toward them. Savidge got out of harm's way only moments before the vehicle slammed into Vaughan. In a brief on-scene interview after the fact it appeared that Vaughan, fortunately, was not seriously injured.

"It happened in a split second," explained Vaughan to KTVU. "I'm just thankful [Savidge] jumped the right way."

Savidge was reporting from a Fremont 7-Eleven parking lot on Mission Boulevard at Niles Canyon Road, notes the channel. Police responded to the scene, and speculate that the white sedan turned into the path of another car while turning — this resulted in an initial collision, and then the driver of the sedan hit the gas instead of the brakes.

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