A five dollar bill covered in anti-immigrant slogans was used to buy delicious Mexican food at Alameda's La Penca Azul restaurant this past Friday. The bill, upon which someone had written specific anti-Latino sentiments, made reference to an organization known as Numbers USA — a group which lobbies government officials to reduce immigration to pre-1965 levels.

"STOP THE MEXICAN INVASION of THE USA," reads the bill, twice, before continuing with "NUMBERS USA."

The restaurant, for its part, was quick to call attention to the obvious irony in making anti-Mexican statements while buying Mexican food.

"'Invasion' is an entrance that's troublesome or harmful, as in a disease," a La Penca Azul Facebook post observes. "To take possession or overrun. Infringement by intrusion. You know... kind of like when Europe colonized the world. Are you saying that you want Mexican cuisine but not Mexican bodies?"

The post goes on to note that the $5 was donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Numbers USA is key part of the "American nativist movement" and was founded by John Tanton, who for "decades [has] been at the heart of the white nationalist scene." The SPLC does not address, however, how Tanton likes his carnitas.

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