While riding the 5-Fulton at 8:45 this morning, SFist reader Angela Hughes saw this "Wonderful display of holding our elders in high regard in San Francisco" which she says went on despite "the conveniently placed signs and clear, audible reminders that the front seats are specifically designated for the disabled and elderly."

Hughes notes that it's "very telling how many (not all) of the techies here have zero environmental awareness."

The issue Hughes notes is more than just one of elder regard, however: It's also the law. According to the SFMTA (just in case you missed the signs) "Federal law mandates that the front seats of the bus must be given up for seniors and persons with disabilities. Please do not sit in these seats if a senior or person with a disability needs a seat."

It's also citation-worthy. Ignoring Muni signs like ones regarding seats for the elderly and disabled is a violation of SF Traffic Code Section 128 Div I 7.2.102 (it's referred to as "Passenger Misconduct") and can get possible violators like, perhaps, the phone and laptop users in the photo a $112 ticket.

Update 12:45 p.m.: An SFist reader who asked not to be publicly named writes in with a counterpoint to Angela's narrative, saying that "this bus was a 5R, not a 5. Also, I was on this bus this morning and the passengers in the front did offer this woman a seat when she got on and she declined. The woman with the blue hat got on the bus with the woman in the white hat, and someone did give up their seat for the woman with the white hat."

Update 1:45 p.m.: An SFist reader who says he was the laptop user depicted in the photo (he asked that we not share his name) writes in to say: "Not that you are interested in the real story anyway.... since you still have my photo posted despite having already received a correction. But your other reader is correct. When those two ladies got on the 5R this morning, together, I specifically moved to stand up and one of them told me more than once 'no', no'; and didn't want me to get up. It seemed relatively clear that she specifically wanted to stay close to the more elderly woman who was sitting down, because they were together."

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