BART has a rush-hour problem, and with new cars not expected until sometime in 2017, that problem isn't going away anytime soon. Unless, that is, BART's recently announced plan to gamify your commute is successful. Say hello to "BART Perks," a six-month pilot program set to begin this spring which seeks to convince daily commuters to shift their schedules with promises of points that can be applied to some sort of virtual game.

That's right, you can now Candy Crush your way to commuter bliss. Or something.

So reports the Chronicle, which spoke with the good people at BART about the plan. Apparently, the idea is not a new one, and it is based on similar programs in Singapore and India. BART officials reportedly hope to get 25,000 people to sign up for the pilot program.

“It’s something we hope our passengers will find to be fun,” Val Menotti, a planning and development officer with BART, told the paper.

Just how exactly would it work? Well, the agency has yet to nail down the details. However, anyone that signs up would need to agree to be tracked (via Clipper card), and would be allotted points for commuting outside of peak times. These points could then be used in some sort of game, notes the paper, with users "gambling that their luck or skills at spinning a virtual wheel or playing a modified version of the popular Snakes and Ladders game will win them a $100 prize."

And sure, why not? Riding BART all too often seems like a gamble already — will there be a train, will it be delayed, will there be room — why not make it official.

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