A video surfaced today that appears to show the faces of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook respectively, riddled with bullet holes. The alleged group behind the threat? Well, that would be international terrorist organization ISIS. It seems the group is frustrated with the efforts of Twitter and Facebook to purge accounts associated with the Islamic State from their services.

"You announce daily that you suspended many of our accounts," reads a slide in the video. "And to you we say: Is that all you can do?" The threat continues in a manner perhaps more associated with nerdy hecklers from the 90's ("You are not in our league") than murderous terrorists.

Dorsey, for his part, is probably not too surprised by any of this. After all, ISIS similarly said they were going to kill him last March, basically for the same reason. And despite the performance of his two companies, he seems to be doing just fine.

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