Just this morning, the AV Club quipped that new Netflix nostalgia reboot Fuller House had all the quality of "a porn parody" just "without the porn."

Well, as luck would have it, now there's an actual porn parody, released two days before the real thing drops. "Have Mercy!," as Thrillist observes, has never sounded any dirtier as a catch phrase.

Full Holes, which pillories the good-clean-fun humor of the sitcom, is the handiwork of PornHub.com and smut parody artists Woodrocket. Here is the link which is not safe for work (NSFW) as it is contains pornography.

Sadly, the non-sex-including version has been taken down, so here are just a few screengrabs.

What appears to work so well about the parody? The cheesiness of porn dialogue has a great bedfellow in the total whackness of sitcom dialogue.


And, get this line: "I'm no Uber driver, but I'd be glad to touch you."

Wow. That serves to establish the San Francisco setting better than any shot of the Golden Gate bridge could.


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