Bay Area law enforcement officials continue to search the waters and land near the Dumbarton Bridge today, after some fishermen stumbled upon a woman's torso with the head and limbs removed.

A spokesperson with the Fremont Police Department confirmed Wednesday that "a torso belonging to an unidentified female was found near Marshlands Road," a roadway that runs through the marshlands near the Dumbarton Pier.

According to FPD spokesperson Geneva Bosques, the remains were found by a group of fishermen at 8:16 p.m. Sunday, and subsequent investigation by the Alemeda County Coroner's office determined that "the legs, arms, and head...appear to have been severed from the torso."

ABC7 reports that the torso was found in a suitcase, but Bosques could not confirm that detail, citing the ongoing investigation.

Officials searched the water and land near where the body was found all day on Monday, in hopes of locating the woman's head, arms, or legs. As of publication time, they had yet to find any trace of additional remains.

It's still unclear how long the woman's remains were in the water, Bosques says, nor if the remains were dumped where they were found or if they'd floated from a site elsewhere in the SF Bay.

Fremont police are understandably eager to gather more information on this case, and ask that if you know anything at all that you contact Detective Craig Gaches at 510-790-6900 or email him at [email protected]