A day after a SoMa traffic-direction sign commanded San Francisco to perform an anatomically-challenging sex act upon itself, another local group is under similar fire...and this time it's one we haven't heard about much lately!

According to the above tweet from 311, this is the second request that's been made to a city agency to remove the words "FUCK YUPPIES" from a USPS relay box near 3201 Ulloa Street, which is between 33rd and 34th Avenues in the Parkside.

"Yuppies," the derisive term intended as shorthand for the phrase "young urban professional," was a word frequently used in the 1980s and 1990s. Yuppies were (arguably) replaced by "hipsters" as the focus of urban ire in the 00s, who were subsequently unseated by "tech bros" in the teens.

It's unclear if yuppies are indeed making a comeback on the southwest tip of the city, or if they never left — who knows, maybe that graffiti's been there since the 80s! Stranger things have happened.

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