SFist commenter Akit brings our attention to San Francisco parking meters that have coupons for Centerfolds All Nude Cabaret seductively slipped into their credit card slots. Sexy! As Akit says in his Instagram video, "Here's what wrong with society today."

What's wrong with society today is that Donald Trump is a viable candidate to be leader of the free world instead of co-leader of the Big Brother house along with Ringo Starr's fourth wife. Flyers and cards are slipped onto car windshields and hung on doorknobs world-wide. (For example, my parents are the proud owners a giant car sunshade advertisement for Kotex that they discovered placed atop every car along a beach in Chile.) Other than the environmental and litter implications, is all nude cabaret coupon parking meter insertion all that scandalous?

The real scandal here is the coop-on vs. kew-pon debate.