An 63-year old Atlanta retiree doesn't want to use Twitter anymore because the host of an MSNBC show doesn't respond to his tweets. MAKES SENSE TO ME!

In a Guardian article entitled, "Why do normal people struggle with Twitter?", local writer Danny Yadron explores an apparent confusion with the tweeting process. Tons of people start Twitter accounts only to forget about them - using up valuable Twitter handles that someone else might need.

The Guardian conducted interviews with, "dozens of attempted and frustrated Twitter users." The results seemed to be culled from the cast of characters gathered around your average Thanksgiving table. 'What's hashtag? Why do I care what a stranger had for lunch? I don't know about you, but I like to leave the house and get some fresh air.'

Hazel Gould, a 39-year old British director told Yadron that she hesitates to engage with the feminist thought-leaders she follows on Twitter because, "It reminded me of being at school with the cool girls."

Alphonso Pines, that 63-year old retiree, might be struggling because he is hashtagging when he should be at-ing. Here's an example of one of his ignored tweets: "#Morningjoe why does how much money Hilary make upset you so much?"

#ShakesHead #OldPeople @MorningJoe

"A lot of people said they were spending too much time watching arguments between people they didn't know and weren't quite sure how to join in," explained Yadron, making the excellent point that the purpose of social media if for strangers to get into arguments.

Perhaps an unwillingness to get into fruitless disagreements with faceless strangers is why 'normal people' find Twitter so baffling, but the San Francisco-based tech giant hopes to make obscenity-laced, 140-character gun law debates easy for even the most sane of individuals. In the company's earnings announcement, Twitter confessed, "We are going to fix the broken windows and confusing parts that we know inhibit usage and drive people away."

According to Twitter, they are seeing a resurgence of us in formerly-lapsed accounts. Whether or not those accounts are linked to normal people is unclear.

Read the full Guardian article here.