The saga of the former state Senator Leland Yee, who last year pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering, continues today as we learn that federal prosecutors are seeking an eight-year sentence in federal prison for the disgraced politico. Yee, whose tangled involvement with now-convicted murderer Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow grabbed headlines, is set to be sentenced by a federal judge in San Francisco next Wednesday.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that in papers submitted to the court prosecutors urged US District Judge Charles Breyer to sentence Yee beyond the roughly four-and-a-half years sought by his defense.

"This sentence reflects the serious nature, as well as the breadth and length, of Yee's crimes, which involved a pattern of corruption and cynical abuse of the public trust all in the quest for greater political power," prosecutors reportedly wrote.

Yee was arrested in 2014 during his run for the position of Secretary of State as part of an organized crime probe. He was also accused of attempting to run guns through the Philippines.

"He recognizes that his actions were wrong and he is remorseful and deeply regrets his conduct," Yee's defense reportedly argued. "His widely publicized criminal activity has served as his own private punishment. He embarrassed himself, his family, and community by this shocking digression from his honorable career in public service."

In addition to being a state Senator, Yee was also a San Francisco Supervisor and 2011 mayoral candidate.

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