Someone (or, perhaps many someones) has taken to leaving envelopes containing small amounts of change taped to bus stops and parking meters throughout San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood. The envelopes, discovered over the weekend, are decorated in such a manner as to suggest that children are behind the project and appear to be intended to help a person cover a bus fare or pay a parking meter.

A reporter with ABC 7 news tweeted out pictures of the envelopes, as she was seemingly overcome with the sweetness of the project.

This of course calls to mind the Hidden Cash guy, who left envelopes stuffed with cash around San Francisco and tweeted out clues back in 2014 hinting at their location. In that case, it was eventually revealed the man behind the twitter account and cash drops was real estate developer Jason Buzi.

Unless he had a lot of stock in LinkedIn and is now consequently broke, we're just going to go ahead and say that this recent episode of leaving money around the city is not the work of Buzi. Which, as that hidden cash thing always felt a little exploitative ("look at all those poor people scrambling for my chump change!"), we're going to say is a good thing.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled, and your next Muni ride might just be on the tab of some second grader.

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