After someone was knocked unconscious during last year's Valentine's Day Pillow Fight, several folks wondered if the messiness and violence of 2015's event would keep it from returning this year. Well, good news! It still went on yesterday. And in even better news, it looks like no one got hurt this time.

As they do every year, hundreds gathered at Justin Herman Plaza on Valentine's Day evening. According to ABC7 reporter Sergio Quintana, some "jumped the gun" and started bashing people early, but at the stroke of 6 everybody else started pillow fighting:

As of Monday morning, there have been no reports of injuries or harm to any participants, a relief after one person was knocked unconscious last year after slipping and falling on a bunch of feathers.

The event, which we've been tracking since 2008, is not officially permitted and does not have an organizer. This has prompted angry remarks from SF's Department of Public Works in the past regarding the estimated $5,000-$35,000 it costs taxpayers to clean up the bedding left behind following the scrum.

And then there are the helpless newscasters who get caught in the brawl, like Quintana. Won't someone think of the newscasters?