At least two people who were walking on the Golden Gate Bridge were struck by darts Friday, projectiles police say were sent from — I'm not kidding — a blow gun.

According to KRON4, a pedestrian flagged a bicycle patrol officer down on the bridge at 2:45 p.m. Friday, saying that as he walked north he was "hit in the thigh by a long metal dart."

Speaking with ABC7, California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Barclay says that the dart "was able to actually go through his jeans and into this leg by about two inches."

As the man spoke to officers, a woman walked up and said that she, too, had been hit in the knee by an identical dart.

ABC7 reports that "investigators believe the darts were launched from a car driving northbound on the bridge," and have contacted the Golden Gate Bridge Authority for any surveillance video that might have caught the blow-gunners.

Both of the people who were struck were treated by paramedics and released at the scene. Neither dart appeared to be poisoned, ABC7 reports.

According to CHP, the darts had "a metal body approximately 5 inches long with one end sharpened to a fine point. The tail of the dart is topped with a white plastic cap which allows the dart to be from a blow gun," KRON4 reports.

If you saw the dartings, or have any other information on the case, please contact the CHP at (415) 924-1100.