Many of us snickered when we learned that the giant Verizon ad emblazoned on Embarcadero Center was (Planning wish-washery aside) against the law, then cheered when it went down. But you know who wasn't cheering? The Super Bowl Host Committee, which might be on the hook with the phone company for over a million bucks.

The ad, which City Attorney Dennis Herrera says was in violation of 2002's voter-approved Proposition G, was the result of an “honest misunderstanding," the host committee and Verizon claimed, reports the Chron. But since it was a misunderstanding that involved Verizon giving the host committee $2 million, don't expect it to end there.

According to Matier and Ross, "Verizon reps were said to be fuming over the public relations snafu and are telling the host committee that they want a partial refund of the estimated $2 million cash and in-kind deal they agreed to as the major sponsor of Super Bowl City."

And how much of that will they get back? That's up to the presumably hustling negotiators on both sides. As host committee spokesperson Nathan Ballard says, “Of course they are going to want to pay less...but we are trying to work out a way so that everyone wins."

Hey, Nate, the ad's down, so I think everyone who matters already did.

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