Just last week we anointed few-frills beer bar Amsterdam Café — "The Oasis of the 'Loin" — one of the best beer bars in SF and Oakland. And, with 25 taps and 200 bottles it's made a solid name for itself over the past 6-and-a-half years. The spot has been further in the limelight for Beer Week, which gave them a bit of a last hurrah.

But, talk about timing. Hoodline reports that the bar has been hit with a rent increase that's threatening the business.

"It's pretty crazy," bar manager Melissa Angel said. "We love all our regulars; formed a little family..." Unless something changes, and fast, they plan to close later this month.

"We are looking at our last day being February 15th," the folks from Amsterdam Café wrote to Facebook yesterday.

But there's a drop of good news at the bottom of the barrel, as the bar says they might be able to reopen elsewhere in the vicinity. Then there's the literal dregs of Beer Week kegs to be consumed, as they write.

We are planning on reopening in the neighborhood (they can't get rid of us that easily!). We have loved being a part of your lives and a part of the neighborhood, and we look forward to our next step and hope you will stay with us on this journey. In the meantime, come help us kick our beer week kegs and share your memories of the bar.

Amsterdam Café, 937 Geary Street between Polk and Larkin Streets

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