Ugh. Last week six border collie puppies were found abandoned in a Merced dumpster. After being discovered by a hair salon worker in the process of taking out the trash, the 4-month-old puppies are now in the care of San Francisco's SPCA. The puppies had been placed inside a trash bag, and the bag had been tied shut, explains the SPCA.

“It’s incredibly cruel,” SPCA spokeswoman Krista Maloney told the Chronicle. “There are so many alternatives, and it’s never excusable.”

Maloney explained that the dogs appear to be healthy, and the organization is asking for donations to help the animals out before they're (hopefully) placed with adoptive families.

Officials at the animal shelter/clinic/hospital named the puppies Taavi, Tabbee, Tadder, Tabo, Taddy and Tadek.

Take a moment to stare into these wonderful eyes as you remember that, sadly, dumping puppies in the garbage is not a new phenomenon. Just this past November Santa Rosa Junior College facilities and operations groundskeeper Syda Khaleck discovered a tiny Chihuahua with two broken legs that had been left to die in a dumpster. And remember the case of Gem, the insanely cute puppy pulled from a recycling conveyor belt at the city dump by Recology staffers in 2013.

Anyway, love your animals is what we're saying — and for the love of god, do not throw them in the garbage. If you're looking for a way to get a lovely critter in your life, all cat and dog adoptions at the SFSPCA are free from from February 12 through February 14 as part of the Lonely Hearts Adoption Party.

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