Shares of Twitter are up over nine percent as of this writing Monday morning all over a rumor that investor Marc Andreessen is going to step in and save the day, along with the help of Silver Lake Partners. The Information broke the rumor late Sunday, and it was enough to boost pre-market trading of Twitter's bottom-of-the-barrel stock, as Business Insider reports, with the price now standing at $18.25 — a healthy bump after hitting an all-time low last week of $16.51 following the news of an executive bloodbath.

Per The Information:

Marc Andreessen and private equity firm Silver Lake have considered some sort of deal, according to several people. The two teamed up on Skype back in the day, and Andreessen’s love for Twitter is, um, obvious. He was also an angel investor in the company.

I don’t know if anything is active, and a spokespeople for Andreessen Horowitz and Silver Lake declined to comment. One idea being floated around in general is a PIPE deal where private investors buy a piece of a public equity via newly issued shares. These deals are generally done when companies are desperate for cash, and public investors won’t give it to them, which doesn’t seem to be Twitter’s issue.

It could be argued that the trimming at the top of the food chain at the company was in preparation for an immediate sale of some kind, and the low stock price means that the company's sale price might just be sweet enough right now to attract a buyer.

CEO Jack Dorsey still has not announced the "high-profile" new board members he said last week he'd be appointing in the wake of those departures. One of them is said to be a "a high-profile media personality."

Andreessen, for his part, spent his Sunday retweeting jokes about Trump, and stuff about the Chinese economy, as well as this.

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