The East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is hoping the public will help them track down a dog named Daisymae, after she was stolen from a volunteer at their Oakland campus Sunday.

Bay City News reports that "a bearded black man in his 30s wearing blue and white track pants and a blue shirt" showed up outside the animal rescue organization on 8323 Baldwin Street at 10:50 a.m. Sunday, and began asking a volunteer about the dog she was walking in the SPCA's play yard.

The dog, a two-year-old black and white pit bull mix named Daisymae, is a stray who arrived at the shelter last November. After the volunteer answered the man's questions, NBC Bay Area reports that he "threw Daisymae into his car and sped off with her."

Neither the man nor his vehicle, described by BCN as "a brownish gray sedan," have been seen since.

While every stolen animal case is urgent, Daisymae's one is particularly so, as she was scheduled for surgery to remove a mass this week, an SPCA spokesperson says.

Unlike the photos you see above and below, Daisymae was wearing an orange collar and a black and tan harness when she was taken, the SPCA says. She also has several distinctive markings, including a "punch" on the tip of her right ear, black coloring on her snout, ears and "goatee;" a mark in the shape of a "one-shouldered evening gown" that extends from her throat past her nose to the top of her head; and four white feet, with the white on her left foot extending to 1/3 of her leg.

She can be "reactive" with other dogs, the SPCA said in a Facebook posting.

"We're worried for this dog's safety and would appreciate any tips if anyone has seen Daisymae," East Bay SPCA president Allison Lindquist says.

If you've seen Daisymae or know where she might be, please call Oakland's SPCA at 510-563-4603.

This morning, a shelter dog named Daisymae was snatched from a volunteer walking her in our parking lot. Daisymae is a...

Posted by East Bay SPCA on Sunday, January 31, 2016