Burning Man's stated goal: Create a temporary city ungoverned by the hierarchies, mores, and laws that elsewhere repress us. But with its nearly 66,000 attendees last year, the event does need to be subject to some oversight, right?

For example, there was concern last year that a new sheriff would crack down on some of the drug use, and another big worry for the government is Burning Man's environmental impact. On that front — helping the Burn pass environmental muster with the Man — there's a plum job for someone (you?) at the Bureau of Land Management.

The position listing spotted by the Huffington Post is at USAjobs.gov — tag line: "working for America." It's a regular ol' full-time desk job, most of the year, and it pays at "$69,497.00 to $90,344.00 / Per Year." That will probably get you whatever you'd like in your new home of Winnemucca, Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management sounds like a good employer, quipping on their website that "people are our greatest natural resource." But do you have what it takes to get hired? That, specifically, would be "Knowledge of land management concepts, principles, and practices to perform the full range of duties connected with planning for management of a variety of natural resources including, but not limited to, geohydrology, minerals, fire (fuels), recreation, wilderness, wildlife, watershed, riparian, fisheries, cultural resources, and range management."

If you do — impressive! — there's one more requirement to consider, and it's not very, uh, Burner-friendly. As the Department of the Interior explains, you can't do drugs — on or off the job/playa. Maybe it's best not to mix business and pleasure, after all.

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