Though the coming East Coast snow storm has "life and death implications," officials said today, that's not OUR problem, right? Well, that depends. Did you want to fly somewhere? If so, you might be screwed, too.

As many as 60 million people across D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and more are expected to be buried under as much as 20 inches of snow in the blizzard, which will likely hit some time this afternoon. In advance of the snowfall, flights are being delayed and cancelled — according to FlightAware, 4,295 are delayed and 3,014 completely canceled by 8:30 this morning.

According to KRON4, as of 8:25 today, "49 flights have been cancelled at SFO and Washington D.C. has been completely taken off of the flight boards." As of this morning, all flights to or from Philadelphia International Airport on Saturday have also been cancelled, and the Charlotte Douglas International Airport has canceled over 400 flights.

Even more East Coast flights originating from or arriving at SFO "are changing from 'on time' to 'canceled' by the minute," according to ABC7.

All in all, over 200,000 travelers could have their passage disrupted over the course of the weekend. If you can, officials say, postpone your trip until after the weather clears. According to an SFO spokesperson, it shouldn't cost you anything, as airlines "are all making temporary changes that allow people that held tickets to the Northeast to change those tickets, to change those travel plans, without having to pay additional fees."

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