Stereotypes about San Franciscans being outdoorsy types got a boost today, as numbers released by marketing company Nielsen show that when it comes to time spent in front of a television, San Francisco ranks on the bottom of their list. The company looked at what they consider to be the top 25 markets, and broke down the viewing habits of people living in those areas.

Surprise, surprise: It turns out that most San Franciscans have better things to do than spend all of their free time glued to the television. Don't get too smug, however, as we still spend a lot of time watching TV.

Media site TVSpy broke down the report, and noted that "[the] overall data shows adults 25 to 54 in 24 of those top 25 watch more than three hours of live TV per day."

Which: Damn, that's a lot of TV.

"Cleveland viewers watch the most," TVSpy continues, "with an average of 4 hours and 42 minutes a day, followed by Baltimore (4:38), Detroit (4:37), Pittsburgh (4:31), Philadelphia (4:30) and St. Louis (4:20)."

And what about us?

"The market with the least amount of time watched was San Francisco, where viewers only watched a average of 2:45 minutes of live TV a day."

So we, on average, watch two hours less per day of television than people in Cleveland. Which, to be fair to the good people of Cleveland, isn't really all that surprising. I mean, there's just so much more to do here. Except when it's raining. When it's raining, no one in San Francisco knows what to do other than curl up in a little ball and put on Netflix. Speaking of which, the fact that the study only covers "live TV" and doesn't include any streaming service gives one cause to wonder — maybe we're not so enlightened and TV-free after all. Maybe we just prefer our laptops.

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