You're in luck if you were denied tickets to next weekend’s HUMP! Film Festival, Dan Savage’s 11th annual collection of short, offbeat porn films from all over the sexual diaspora of human kink. Additional screenings were just added for Wednesday (HUMP!-day) Jan. 27, with seats still remaining for the late-night shows next Friday and Saturday. Dan Savage himself hand-picked these films screening next week at the Victoria, with a line-up of amateur straight, gay, lesbian, transgender and splosh porn that includes a sexually explicit Katy Perry parody called I Fist a Grrrl.

This is not your father’s ‘porn stash’ porn. Check out the trailer for this year’s HUMP! Film Festival below.

SFist spoke with — well, we can’t say who we spoke with, because no real names are used in these genuine homemade porn films. “A lot of my friends, they work with kids,” said Filmmaker X, whose film The Collector won the Best Humor prize at the Seattle screening. “They didn’t want the parents to know they were in a porn festival.”

“We wanted to make the kind of porn we'd like to watch,” Filmmaker XXX told SFist (her feminist/fairy video game porn Level Up is one of the 22 films in this year’s show.) “Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of films out there that include things like pansexuality, politics, humor, and mixed-gender/bisexual group sex. And though the porn industry is growing with more homemade ‘amateur’ videos, the more we can contribute to the portrayal of porn actors as normal people — beautiful people who are beautiful without bleached hair and bleached assholes - the better.”

(NOTE: Bleached hair is also represented, if that's your thing.)


Dan Savage said in a statement that “We bill HUMP! as an amateur porn festival. But it's more than that. It's rare for people to watch porn that takes them outside their comfort zones — it's rare for people to watch porn that, if they were home alone in front of the computer, they wouldn't choose to click on and watch. At HUMP! straight people watch gay porn, vanilla people watch kinky porn, gay people watch lesbian porn. And people laugh, they gasp, sometimes they cover their eyes. But at the end of every film people clap and cheer."

HUMP! gets over the stigmas of ageism, size-ism and shame with a hardcore buffet of body types, fetishes and kink. “I think one of the amazing parts about HUMP! is that it makes adjectives like ‘dirty’ a positive thing,” Filmmaker XXX said. “It helps de-shame porn and the entire sexual experience.”

HUMP! just added screenings on Wednesday, January, 27 at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets also remain for the 11:30 p.m. show on Friday, January 29 and 11 p.m. on Saturday, January 30.

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Image: Jen Wick and Kelly O