Well this is a new one. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has unveiled the latest tool in civilization's fight against ISIS: Facebook Likes. Sandberg, not one to underestimate the influence of her company's platform, believes that by "liking" pages propagating hate, users will dampen the global reach of terrorists.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday, Sandberg told those gathered a tale of German Facebookers liking a neo-Nazi Facebook page and then filling that space with messages of love.

“What was a page filled with hatred and intolerance," the Guardian reports her as saying, "was then tolerance and messages of hope."

This technique of “a ‘like’ attack,” she suggested, would work against terrorist organization ISIS as well. The logic being that if people who don't sympathize with terrorists fill up a Facebook-hosted ISIS recruitment page, then people who may be inclined to join the group will be presented with countering views — thus leading them to not take up arms against the West.

“The best thing to speak against recruitment by Isis are the voices of people who were recruited by Isis, understand what the true experience is, have escaped and have come back to tell the truth," she furthered. "Counter-speech to the speech that is perpetuating hate we think by far is the best answer.”

Why, if ISIS pages are so easy to find the average Joe can just go ahead and "like" them, Facebook can't just shut them down, was not addressed.

Whether or not the "like attack" would actually have any influence on would-be terrorists is dubious, but one thing is for sure — the FBI will soon be hearing a lot of the old "I only liked the ISIS Facebook page because I wanted to combat terrorists" excuse.

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