Beer Wee begins with a roar tomorrow, the 22nd, and likely ends with you whimpering next weekend on the 31st. So, what's your plan?

The question is always difficult, and it's made more so this year by the roughly 700 events being held. Here's our guide to the 21 most enticing, but do take note that none of them will include cult favorite Pliny the Younger, for timing reasons you can read about here.

One way to structure your tasting and experience is below: Try to beat your friends to BINGO by, for example, grabbing a Triple IPA or spotting two bearded and be-flanneled felows (those, by the way, are basically free spaces). Also make sure to try the collaboration beers from the Brewers Guild, made special for Beer Week 2016. Those are two this year, as the Guild divided itself based on locations into teams North of Market and South of Market.


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Gasp! No Pliny The Younger At SF Beer Week This Year

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