The owners of a two-year-old Great Dane from Sparks, Nevada are attempting to get their enormous dog into the Guinness Book of World Records. Yes, Great Danes are always enormous, horse-like pets, but Rocko is especially big, standing 40 inches (three and a half feet) tall from paw to shoulder, and seven feet tall if he's up on his hind legs.

As San Francisco's KGO-TV shows us in the video above, owners Nicholas Helms and Jessica Williams didn't know when they got Rocko as a puppy that he'd grow to be quite so freakishly large. "He sprouted like a weed," says Helms.

And no, you will not win at tug-of-war with Rocko.

They think he might have a shot as "tallest living dog," because a Great Dane named Zeus in Michigan, who took the record for tallest dog ever at 44 inches high back in 2011, is no longer with us — he died at age 5 in 2014. Giant George, who held the record prior to Zeus, stood at 43 inches, and made an appearance on Oprah.

Also, as Williams says, Rocko seems to be smarter and more "emotionally connected" than most other dogs, with that huge brain of his. "He'll cry at the TV if, like, an animal is being hurt on a documentary or something. He gets really upset. He's weird."

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