(Photo courtesy of the Sea Lion Center)

All weekend (and through Monday) our city's sea lions will be celebrated at Pier 39, where they arrived 26 years ago.

As the story goes, the sea lions began to arrive after the Loma Prieta earthquake hit San Francisco in October 1989, and a few months later, "the boisterous barking pinnipeds started to arrive in droves and completely took over K-Dock." They've remained there since, feasting off the Bay's fish supply, and at one point hit a high population of nearly 2,000. Their numbers fluctuate seasonally.

Here's video of their arrival in 1990:

The weekend celebration is mostly focused around the Sea Lion Encounter Tours (daily at 12, 2 and 4 p.m.), but there will also be naturalists from Aquarium of the Bay to school you more on the sea lions.

You are also welcome to watch the sea lions on the livecam right here.