Hope you enjoyed that sun and mild temperature today, because starting tomorrow it's back to rain. We're actually in for five inches of rain over the next seven days, says the Chron, or thereabouts, with the Northern mountains seeing as much as 10 inches — and the majority of that rain looks to be on Saturday and Sunday.

The wetness begins tonight, with the first drops hitting north of the Golden Gate, and no end in sight until maybe late Sunday.

There is rain in the forecast every day next week, though how much we'll get will be up in the air until it gets here.

Meanwhile, here's the latest El Nino report with info from the NOAA's Climate Prediction Center for the rest of the winter. The Center's deputy director Mike Halpert says that while El Nino effects should taper off by March, we will still see some — meaning, presumably, rain — well into spring and even early summer.

And unlike in previous strong El Ninos, SF and the Pacific Northwest have been getting plenty of rain right along with Southern California.

But our warming climate is affecting this season as well, with a warmer atmosphere that holds more moisture, and potentially pushes the jet stream north or south, funneling rain toward or away from the Bay Area.

All told, though, this is going to be a solid ski season in Tahoe, as has been said multiple times before.