It seems that one San Francisco man aimed a little too high when he attempted to distribute 500 (or more) grams of methamphetamine as part of an international drug ring. The man pleaded guilty to the charge on Wednesday, and faces a minimum 20-year prison sentence.

Naser Yousef Gheith, the 37-year-old would be drug courier, allegedly sold four pounds of meth to police informants and was busted by Texas Highway Patrol while transporting 2 pounds worth of the stuff from San Francisco to New Orleans reports the Times Picayune.

The Justice Department notes that drug seizures made by the German Customs Investigation Bureau in Cologne were tied to this case. It is not immediately clear if the drugs' final destination was Germany, or if they were headed elsewhere.

The Times informs us that another man, Christopher Byron Fritchie, sold meth to the same police informant and has also pleaded guilty.

As far as we know, Gheith was arrested while driving without incident — putting his behavior in stark contrast to the late 2014 meth-fueled, wrong-way driving incident on the Bay Bridge. In that case, a very high woman drove westbound in the eastbound lanes of the bridge, crashing into numerous cars in the process.

Gheith could be sentenced to life in prison. Sentencing is set for April 20, 2016.

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