A Portland area plumber, apparently angry at a woman driving near him who he thought was Hispanic, began yelling racial slurs at her over and over again out his truck window, and she got in on video. She is in fact Arab, which she tries to tell him, but he is too busy being an idiot and satisfying his own road rage.

SF's KRON 4 picked up the story out Beaverton, Oregon via Portland station KOIN 6. The incident occurred Tuesday near the corner of SW 170th and TV Highway, and the target of the slurs, Susan Khalaf, said she took her phone out to record it after the man had already been screaming "beaner" and "wetback" at her while clapping and following alongside her car for several blocks.

"I rolled down my window and he started with the racial slurs," she said, "calling me an immigrant and telling me to go back home and you immigrant." She then shared the video on Facebook and it has since been widely shared.

On the video page, Khalaf said she is 36 years old and "until today, I've never, ever in my life been so offended."

"I just wanted him to see what he looked like and to open his eyes a little bit," she said.

In the video, the man's sweatshirt is visible, and it belongs to local area company Wolcott Plumbing. The president of the company told KOIN in a statement that the man was indeed an employee, but he was in his personal vehicle at the time and not on duty. Nonetheless he said the company had terminated him.

The full video is below and it is audio NSFW, and contains offensive language.

Update: The man in the video has been identified as 35-year-old Joseph Metoxen, and according to the Oregonian, he's been arrested on an unrelated, outstanding warrant for criminal mischief. Also, he's told the Sheriff's Department that he now fears for his own safety after seeing the reaction to the video online.