Following President Obama's Tuesday press conference announcing new executive action on gun control, Oakland city officials moved yesterday to pass new laws of their own with the goal of reducing gun violence.

The Oakland City Council unanimously passed the measures, reports CBS 5, which include banning high-capacity gun magazines and requiring that firearms be secured in lock boxes when stored in homes and vehicles. The heightened storage requirement comes after a string of incidents wherein guns were stolen out of vehicles — a problem not unique to Oakland as many similar incidents have occurred right here in San Francisco.

As to be expected, at least one pro-gun group has already come out in opposition to the common sense measures.

Yih-Chau Chang, spokesperson for Responsible Citizens of California (though how "responsible" the group really is may be up for debate, as they appear to have let their website domain expire), told NBC Bay Area the group would likely challenge the new laws.

"When it comes to banning standard capacity magazines," furthered Chang, "the City of Oakland will likely run afoul of state preemption laws, which dictate that local gun control laws cannot be stricter than state laws."

Here in San Francisco, Supervisor David Campos proposed legislation this past November making it a crime to leave an unsecured gun in an automobile. At the time, the Supervisor told the San Francisco Chronicle that he expected the law to be opposed by the gun lobby.

“If we’ve learned anything about the gun lobby in this country, it’s how extreme it is.”

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