A potentially amorous and reportedly "embarrassed" couple awoke this morning to nosy cameras and CHP officials on a section of beach near the Bay Bridge, as the Chronicle and KRON4 report.

Highway officials heeded a distress call and discovered the stranded vehicle at around 8 a.m. on the frontage road. Within the would-be lovemobile, the couple reportedly dozed off while water surrounded them. (We warned you this might happen!)

CHP officers gauged the situation and told the couple to wait for the tide to recede. Miraculously it did just that and the couple drove off, reportedly flashing a thumbs up on the way back to the road.

This kind of mistake, like all of them, has been made before. A couple fell victim to a similar situation less than a year ago in fact, succeeding in their attempt to "take in the views" in a parking lot next to the Bay Bridge toll plaza but failing to leave without becoming a news item.

Reader, take note: There is no beach parking.

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