It's often been said that SF is a place for perpetual Peter Pan Syndrome, what with our goofy costumed foot races and annual adult pillow fights. And though that adult Slip-N-Slide thing got canceled due to the drought, an equally childish thing is headed our way for what seems to be one day only, in March.

An outfit called Forward Motion San Francisco, which says it's dedicated to "Helping one another live out their dreams, tackling one bucket list item at a time," has organized a giant ball pit pop-up at a lounge called Romper Room on Maiden Lane, near Union Square. And this is happening on March 19 and maybe on March 20th, though that's not clear. What is clear is that those balls are probably going to be very unsanitary by the time the late-night ball-jumpers arrive.

The event got promoted on BrokeAss Stuart which has led to all the time slots on Saturday the 19th being sold out except the earliest one at noon, for which there are still a few tickets for $25. Proceeds are going in part to storing the balls for future ball-pit events, says Forward Motion. (There don't appear to be any slots there for Sunday the 20th, even though the event clearly says it runs through Sunday at 4 p.m.)

It should be noted this is the same outfit that put on this giant, paint-filled Twister game in Dolores Park in 2014.

Look for this to be extremely popular and highly Instagrammed, and for more things like it to occur in the near future. Because adult children are never satisfied.