Well this is odd. Famed Scientology evangelist and sometimes actor Tom Cruise is father to a fully grown son now who's a globe-trotting DJ, in case you weren't aware, and that son, Connor Cruise, must like San Francisco because he's celebrating his 21st birthday here in January by spinning a set at Temple nightclub. As NBC Bay Area tells us, the party is on January 29, over a week after Connor's actual birthday, on January 17.

It's unclear if this is his "official" birthday celebration, or if his famous dad will be making an appearance. It may just be that he has a gig at Temple and they're branding it as his birthday, but in any event, tickets are $15.

Connor Cruise has been at the DJ thing since he was a teenager, and TMZ made a thing about his putting on some weight last year, attributing this to his lifestyle. He's apparently still down with Scientology despite some suggestion a couple years ago that he was loyal to "mum" Nicole Kidman and might therefore leave the church. Here he was last January wishing pal and hardcore Scientologist Kirstie Alley a happy birthday, saying she's his "#spiritanimal". Cruise is close friends with Alley's daughter Lillie Parker.

Below, one of his mixes on SoundCloud from two years ago.