We warned you about this in April, but now it's here: BART prices are going up again, as of Friday, January 1, 2016.

According to BART, this week's fare increase is part of their "program of small regular fare increases to generate revenue to help fund the system’s extensive capital needs."

The amount of Friday's increase was "determined by averaging national and local inflation over a two-year period and then subtracting 0.5% to account for BART’s productivity improvements," BART says.

When the transit agency's bean counters did those calculations, they came up with an increase of 3.4%, "with fares rounded to the nearest nickel." So it ends up looking like this, with increases of 10 cents for shorter trips, and more for longer ones:

CPI Table.jpg

You can see a full chart of BART's new, 2016 fares here.

As previously reported, the capital needs BART is trying to fund through the fare increases are pretty dire, as they say that "$9.6 billion is needed to fully fund BART’s Capital Improvement Program."

"BART has already identified $320 million in capital funding and projects another $4.5 billion of capital funding over the next 10 years," they say. "Approximately $4.8 billion remains unfunded, 50% of the total capital need." That's a lot of dimes!

The funds from this week's increase will go towards the transit agency's "highest priority capital needs including new rail cars, an automated train control system, and an expanded maintenance facility," BART says.

BART last increased their fares in January 2014, that time by five percent.

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2016 fare increase chart: BART