The kitchen at the San Jose Marriott, which will be hosting one of the two teams heading here for the Super Bowl, is already well schooled in feeding hungry NFL teams since they are a host hotel for out-of-town teams that come to play both the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers. As chef Jhune Battung tells the Business Times in the video above, it's often about a lot of pasta and carbs before a game, as well as a whole ton of chicken wings. Like, 30 pounds of wings, for one team, in one sitting. "We cook off so many wings, usually what we would feed like a whole entire restaurant, we would feed for one whole team."

Also popular: late-night sandwich snacks, eggs, and protein of all kinds. But he won't know what's actually requested of the specific NFC team that will be coming there until January 24th, when the playoffs are complete.

On January 29th, the whole hotel — which just underwent a $10.5 million renovation — will be getting wrapped in Super Bowl 50 graphics.

And yes, I said two teams will be heading here, because you do understand the 49ers are not even contenders this year, right?

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