It's a sad state of affairs when it's newsworthy that a divey, no-frills bar in the Mission with no special history but plenty of loyal fans is actually not closing. But that is today's headline, which we get by way of Capp Street Crap. Mission Bar owner Laura Callahan, noting what a "crap shoot" the commercial rental market is in the neighborhood, tells the site that she just succeeded in getting a new ten-year lease from her landlord at 2695 Mission Street, for the bar that she's been running there for 17 years.

That makes Mission Bar just a little bit younger than the Lexington Club, the nearby lesbian dive that called it quits earlier this year amidst much nostalgia and community sadness, after a hike in rent and slowing sales made the place unprofitable.

The news also comes as we recently learned that the Elbo Room got a three-year reprieve, after the property owners there decided to delay plans to construct some condos, including one they intend to inhabit as their very own retirement gift to themselves.

So that makes two bits of good news about bars not closing in the Mission in the last three weeks! This makes December a banner month when it comes to the preservation of dark and simple boozing places where there's no cocktail program or menu of amuse-bouches to accompany your amari.

Long live places you go to just to get drunk for cheap.

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