Sodapreneur Taylor Peck will have to clear out of the Mission Street storefront that still bears a sign for his business, the Fizzary, which he closed to the public earlier this year and began to sublease. Since it turns out that Peck has also been living there, as Capp Street Crap reports, his irritation with his subtenants is understandably all the greater.

Those subtenants told Peck that they intended to open a "vitamin business," failing to clarify that they meant a drug-fueled illegal nightclub slash gambling den that's now an alleged brothel. Even after an October shooting, the hydra-like illegal nightclub has been frequently raided and shut down but never for good. That state of affairs and a possibly dangerous gas generator used inside led Peck to vandalize the storefront, spray painting words like "illegal gambling den" and "dangerous" on the building. The landlord has since painted over the graffiti and Peck has been evicted.

“All so that the organizers can enjoy a mediocre after-hours hangout, in an uninspired setting, for a handful of unwelcome individuals,” he wrote in an email to Capp Street Crap. “It’s truly a disgusting tiny racket these people are participating in, but their wake of destruction is huge. Upset and [disappointment] with them is an understatement.”

Peck said the subtenants could stay in the "uninspired" space until into the new year, but that when he vacates the premises the landlord could submit an application for a sheriff’s lock-out. “[It] just made sense to settle with them for a clean break,” Peck said, noting that he's owed $15,000 in rent from the subtenants. Noise complaints have been rampant, with one registered as recently as last week.

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