Trying to stem the tide of its workforce fleeing the Peninsula to live in SF, Facebook is offering its employees a one-time bonus of $10,000 to $15,000 to move closer to the office — the higher figure for those employees with children. The incentive, which Reuters reports via current and former employees dates back about a year, mimics others offered by companies like Addepar and Salesforce, which are designed to encourage employees to cut their commutes. And it's something Facebook has done for a long time — they used to offer a few hundred dollars a month to employees who lived close to their old Palo Alto office, which resulted in local landlords jacking up rents in the immediate area.

To qualify for the bonus, as ABC 7 notes, Facebookers have to move within 10 miles of the company's Menlo Park headquarters.

Getting employees off the shuttles has the added benefit of cutting down the costs of those shuttles, which are rising as shuttle drivers began unionizing this year. But it also encourages employees to stay longer at work, and may also them maintain better work-life balance, according to one Addepar rep.

There's also the issue of tech employees adding to the housing crunch in SF, but there is just as much of a crunch happening in Peninsula towns like Mountain View and Palo Alto, for the very reason that some employees don't want to have to commute. $10,000 may actually just cover moving expenses and one or two month's rent, realistically — and who's going to uproot their whole family for $15,000, if they have school-age kids?

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