We all feel that traffic in the Bay Area are worse than ever, and now the Metropolitan Transportation Commission has the stats to prove it, with the release of their 2014 rankings of the Bay Area’s most congested freeway segments. Yeah, the news is as bad as you might think...and if it was that bad in 2014, just think how crummy it is now. Ugh!

The ranking is part of the MTC's Vital Signs trend monitor (which is actually super interesting, check it out here). Here's their confirmation that things on the roads suck more than they did in past years (bold font is mine, not theirs):

Across the region, “congested delay,” which MTC defines as time spent in traffic moving at speeds of 35 miles per hour or less, ticked up 3 percent in 2014 to an average of 2.7 minutes per commuter each weekday from 2.6 minutes in 2013. This marks the Bay Area’s highest recorded level of congested delay on a per-commuter basis and a nearly 40 percent increase over the 1.9-minutes-per-commuter-per-day figure registered in 2010.

Freeway congestion around the Bay Area is increasing faster than either population or employment. Since 2000, per-commuter congested delay has risen by 23 percent while the region’s population has grown by 10 percent, and total regional employment at the end of 2014 was only about 1 percent higher than turn-of-the-century levels.

And now, their list of the worst commutes to see this peak congestion in action:

  1. 10: The morning commute on northbound 101 from Story Road in East San Jose to Montague Expressway in Santa Clara
  2. 9: The afternoon commute on eastbound State Route 24 from the 580 interchange in Oakland through the Caldecott Tunnel to Orinda
  3. 8: The westbound morning commute on 205 and 580 over the Altamont Pass to Dublin
  4. 7: The afternoon commute on eastbound 80 from the Bay Bridge toll plaza area to Albany
  5. 6: The northbound 680 commute over the Sunol Grade from Mission Blvd. in Fremont to State Route 84 in Sunol
  6. 5: The afternoon commute northbound on 680 from San Ramon to Pleasant Hil
  7. 4: The eastbound afternoon commute on 101 and 80 from 280 in San Francisco out to the Bay Bridge just east of the Treasure Island Tunnel
  8. 3: The afternoon commute on southbound 101 from Fair Oaks Avenue in Sunnyvale to Oakland Road in North San Jose
  9. 2: The morning drive on southbound 880 from San Leandro to Milpitas

Annnnd, your winner is:

  1. 1: The 17-mine westbound morning commute along 80 from Hercules to the Bay Bridge toll plaza

Congratulations! HAHAHA! Not really!

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