My loveeee Drake is at in-n-out in Alameda!!!! @champagnepapi @stephencurry30 @ayeshacurry #drake #stephencurry #ayeshacurry

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The Alameda In-N-Out was opposed by hundreds of residents (including a county District Attorney), who said that the fast food restaurant would attract a criminal element. And early Thursday morning, they were proven right, when notorious miscreants Drake and Steph Curry stopped by for a post-game snack.

Of course, I am being sarcastic! Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor Drake seems like a nice young fellow, and Curry (who was accompanied by his wife Ayesha) is a local hero after leading the Golden State Warriors to NBA championship in 2015, and an NBA record for starting season wins less than a month ago. But it's these "threats to public safety" who hit the Alameda burger joint at around 1 a.m. Thursday after the 25-1 Warriors beat the Phoenix Suns 128-103.

According to TMZ, the musician and the athlete arrived with a "crew of 15 people...including bodyguards" and were "super nice and friendly -- each ordering up a double-double burger with animal style fries." Ayesha ordered her burger "protein style" (that with lettuce in place of the bun), they say.

Drake, who according to Forbes made $39.5 million last year, picked up the check, they report.

"We're told Drake went on the restaurant intercom and shouted his love for 'Dub Nation,'" TMZ writes, "and when Curry's food was ready, Drake yelled, 'STEPH CURRY FOR THE FRIES, THO!'"

One thing that Drake was apparently unready to have shouted from the rafters was his bathroom business, as TMZ says that when the artist wanted to use the restroom, "they cleared out the bathroom and locked the door" to provide the 29-year-old Canadian with "total privacy."

The Warriors, which had last night off, meet the Milwaukee Bucks at home tonight at 7:30. As the Bucks are the team that ended their winning streak last week, the Warriors appear to be promising bitter revenge, with Curry saying "Friday will be a big game for us." And with the power of animal-style fries in his system, how can it not be?