Bird rescuer John Lloyd runs Santa Rosa's Birds of a Feather Rescue, which seeks to provide care and homes for unwanted or mistreated birds. He seems like a nice, gentle man, which might be why he was so surprised when Kayla, a 6-year-old Congo African grey parrot, joined his sanctuary.

Because, as it turns out, Kayla's mouth isn't so gentle! Lloyd tells KRON4 that shortly after she arrived, the bird announced "I gotta poop!" When Lloyd said "well, why don't you go in the cage and poop," Kayla responded "shut the fuck up!"

Kayla apparently also used a very dirty word to describe Lloyd's wife, he says.

Though KRON reporter Charles Clifford tried to get a rise out of Kayla, even asking her about the presidential election and Star Wars, she wouldn't make a peep, so we know she has some sense of boundaries.

And Lloyd, who says that Kayla is healthy and friendly (barring the swearing), says that her next guardian (could it be you?) could train her out of her profanity habits, should they desire.