This morning the Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration were working to clean up the contents from one of 12 shipping containers knocked off a cargo ship in rough seas Friday night just outside the Golden Gate. ABC 7 reports that crews began clean up yesterday but needed more time, while hiker Marc Benioff took a break from his daily duties as Salesforce CEO to draw attention to the situation.

Another person with a Twitter account photographed the flotsam contents found on Baker Beach. The treasure appears to be non-hazardous and looks like piles of green plastic bread trays. The beach is currently closed to the public.

The Chronicle writes that the Manoa, an 810-foot cargo ship operated by Matson Navigation Co., encountered 19-foot waves while embarking from Oakland for Seattle, sweeping the mostly empty containers into the bay, one of which broadsided the ship. (ABC 7 had the ship's destination as Hawaii.)

“I was horrified to see the beach strewn with these green plastic pallets,” said one beachgoer. “There were just so many. Not hundreds, but thousands.”

If you happen to stumble across the other containers, contact Coast Guard Sector San Francisco Command Center at (415) 399-7300 if so.

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