I was prepared to be cynical about YouTube's 2015 Rewind, which is intended to "celebrate the videos, people, music and moves that made 2015." But this year's video, from SF studio Portal A (you might recall them as the folks behind the Ed Lee-promoting 2 Legit video back in 2011), is delightfully strange!

Featuring over 150 of YouTube's most viral "stars," (the entire laundry list is here), Wired described it best as both "the Internettiest thing possible" and "CliffsNotes of facts that you’ll never be quizzed on." Not unlike 2014's rewind, it's a total viral fever-dream packed full of people who likely never expected to be in a room together, with a fun, kinetic spark that should feel frenetic, but doesn't.

Oh, and there's even a "making-of" video, because if your 6:39 short doesn't merit a 4:42 behind-the-sceneser, WHAT IS THE POINT. (Oh, look, I got to be cynical after all!)

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